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Professional Community

Come and Join the WILL Community!

Aligned with the WILL mission we are creating a forum-based professional community. Our purpose is to support each other in our individual practice for shared learning, connection and support. We enquire, discuss and aim to model best practice.


We launch in October 2022 with regular calls, multiple resources and a great online platform to connect. Are you longing to sit in circle with a group of likeminded, professional, embodied and change-making women? Read on!

Round Table & Right Relations

We offer a monthly community call. Two calls are Round Table (RT) calls where we discuss any personal or professional issues connected to our practice. One call is Right Relations (RR). This is a group space to explore our interpersonal dynamics by being conscious mirrors of one another and bringing it back to professional learning, connection and healing.


The calls are facilitated by Sara Bhavani & Louise Mazanti

Dates & Time

Every first Monday of the month.

  • 6th February, 2023- RT

  • 6th March, 2023 - RR 

  • 3rd April, 2023 - RT

  • 1st May, 2023 - RT

  • 5th June, 2023 - RR

  • 3rd July, 2023 - RT

  • 7th August, 2023 - RT

  • 4th September, 2023 - RR

  • 2nd October, 2023 - RT


Online, from  6.30 to 8.30 pm (GMT)

You'll get access to ...

  • the WILL community platform on our membership app, Circle. Here you're directly connected with everyone in the community, you can connect/message each other, ask questions, add to the body of knowledge or advertise your work


  • the growing library of professional resources on Circle

  • a building client referral system

  • CPD courses within the framework of the WILL model and topics: free calls and priced short courses

  • discounted fees for courses, which are also open to non-community members

  • practice management guidelines (downloadable docs, etc)

  • supervision (available by separate arrangement)


"Our mission is to empower women to heal themselves
and contribute to the evolutionary shift in consciousness."

This is for you, if you ...

  • are identifying as a woman or female bodied


  • are a qualified therapist, coach and practitioner from a professional training that includes psychological awareness, whether you’re actively practising or aspiring to build up a practice

  • feel in alignment with our mission statement above

  • are willing to share openly about your professional practice and learn from others in a trusting environment

Application & Pricing

Applications open twice a year, for intakes in October and April. Applications for April 2023 are open! 

The WILL community offers a committed journey together with a group of women who get to know each there over a 6-month period. Therefore we only open for members twice a year, to always have a fresh start together.

Membership fee is £16 per month, paid for a 6-months period.

Please fill in the application form to sign up for the WILL Community.


Please get in touch if you have questions.

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