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Women's Inner Leadership (WILL) Model

"We offer a way for women to grow into their innate potential and change the world around us. This is our way of healing ourselves and contributing to the evolutional shift in consciousness, creating a world in balance, connection and wholeness."

For the curious ...

The Women’s Inner Leadership coaching model reconnects women with their inner knowing in the central areas of Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness. Our aim is for women to become powerful and influential in all areas of life from a place of wisdom, self-knowledge and embodiment.


Our perspective is evolutionary in nature. We believe that personal work is world work, and that as women we hold an important key to the emerging future. Our approach is experiential and attuned to the interpersonal and collective fields of consciousness. This means that we always regard our personal experience as part of a larger picture. What we solve individually creates a pathway for others to follow.


We integrate knowledge and tools from neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma therapy, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy, body intelligence, leadership theory, consciousness studies and perennial and indigenous wisdom traditions.

"Our mission is to empower women to heal themselves
and contribute to the evolutionary shift in consciousness."

For Professionals

The Women’s Inner Leadership coaching model is both a personal and professional journey of healing and transformation aimed at supporting women in 5 central areas of life: Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness. We believe that healing our relationship with these areas presents the most important evolutionary shifts for women, moving from vulnerability to empowerment and being able to influence our collective values. 


Using the Trifocal Vision transpersonal growth model from Psychosynthesis, we identify:

  1. The emerging potential, which is connected to a personal self and a transpersonal Self.

  2. Where the growth is prevented, not allowing the connection between the personal self and the transpersonal Self.

  3. The gap: The small, practical coaching steps towards resolution. 


This model organises the structure of our training modules, as well as our individual work with coaching clients, around the concepts of the Future, Block, History and Now. We use the terms 'First Wave' and 'Second Wave' to identify how History rhymes with the Block and the Now. This connects to developmental attachment theory and the concepts of 5 Core Wounds, 5 Core needs, Gifts & Limitations. 


Once the developmental core wounds have been identified, we gain a better understanding of the adaptive strategies, or avoidant behaviours that are developed in response. These strategies are employed at a nervous system level and expressed as personality traits, which we call mini-characters. It is the mini-characters that replay a second wave of the first wave original wound.


A vital part of the resolution of the block is to create awareness and choice about how to respond in the Now. We actively work with identifying and disidentifying from mini-characters, supported by working with NS regulation (including polyvagal theory); by reconnecting to our bodies' natural responses and by being aware of and expressing Domains and Boundaries.

The WILL model in practice 

We use a variety of different techniques, such as:


  • Psychotherapeutic techniques

  • Coaching tools

  • Embodiment/movement practices

  • Gestalt techniques

  • Breathing practices

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Meditative/consciousness/visualisation practices


We operate at both micro and macro levels simultaneously, believing that personal and collective growth is closely interlinked: What we heal in ourselves we heal in the collective and equally, what emerges as personal qualities of the Self also emerges as qualities of the collective future.


In alignment with this, we deliver the personal development modules before the professional development, so that coaches can do their own growth work first. This approach encourages awareness of the relational field and our students actively use curiosity about their (somatic) counter-transference as a key tool to access information about the client's inner world.


The core of the model revolves around what we refer to as Feminine Consciousness; an awareness and attunement to the innate cycles of life, intuition and felt sense. This requires awareness of our ingrained belief systems, our psycho-emotional patterns and our somatic, neurological responses. 



A Right Relations group process is integrated in every training module as a way of:

  • developing a self-reflective practice 

  • deepening the personal learning and 

  • keeping the relational field clear


Supervision, professional practice and integrity are central values and are covered throughout the training.

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