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CPD: WILL Essence

At Women’s Inner Leadership our mission is to “empower women to heal themselves and contribute to the evolutionary shift in consciousness”. 


Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness are essential areas where we as women often find ourselves blocked, lacking or insecure. Facing and resolving these challenges is essential to us, if we want to embody a new paradigm and become capable leaders in all areas of life.


But how do we facilitate that with our clients?

An introduction to
Love, Sex, Money, Power, Consciousness

This series is for professionals who want to develop these essential areas in their client practice. We’ll provide you with a conceptual framework for understanding each of the 5 topics in a broader, collective perspective and give you tools to work effectively with clients. 

Our work is supported by neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma therapy, psychospiritual psychotherapy, body-intelligence, leadership coaching, consciousness studies and perennial and indigenous wisdom traditions. These are woven together in the WILL approach that offers clients an embodied experience for healing and growth.


Each module can be taken as a stand alone course, as it will focus on just one of the topics; Love, Sex, Money Power or Consciousness. However we recommend taking all five to get the full picture of how they can flow together, in accordance with the WILL model. 

Dates & Time

One training session per month from 6.30-9pm UK/GMT on Tuesdays:

  • 15th November 2022: Love

  • 13th December 2022: Sex

  • 10th January 2023: Money

  • 7th February 2023: Power

  • 7th March 2023: Consciousness

Each modules includes:

  • the WILL perspective on each topic

  • the theory behind our approach

  • tools and techniques to use in your practice

  • experiential exercises to try out with each other

  • group discussion & sharing

Facilitated by ...

Louise Mazanti & Sara Bhavani. 


Together with Vanessa de Smet, they run the Women’s Inner Leadership training organisation which offers a personal development programme, a professional, accredited coaching training and a professional membership forum.

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Investment & Sign Up

WILL Community Members

Single session: £30 

All 5 sessions: £125


Non Members (other professionals)

Single session: £45

All 5 sessions: £225

CPD certificate can be issued upon request






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