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Community Ethical Guidelines 

An essential part of the WILL model is to work with the field of transmission. We therefore seek to maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity in our client work and our WILL community space. This is expressed through our ethical values and behaviour.

As members we commit to:

  • undertake ongoing supervision and professional indemnity insurance for our professional practice.


  • only practise within our level of competence, and to continuously furthering our education and understanding (CPD).


  • always treat our clients and peers fairly, in the spirit of respect, authenticity and right relations. This means that we never seek to gain sexual, emotional or financial advantage, nor undertake sexual or romantic relationships with client.


  • respect the diversity amongst people, including gender, race, religion, sexuality, lifestyle choices and philosophies of health and wellbeing. 


  • conduct our professional practice with integrity, being mindful of our professional appearance, the space we offer and the way we communicate. 


  • not engage in a professional capacity when impaired by emotional issues, illness, alcohol, drugs or for any other reason. 


  • continuously self-reflect and take responsibility for our emotional state, honouring our vulnerability and the vulnerability in others.  


  • explore our vulnerabilities in personal coaching or therapy, when needed.


  • communicate our authentic feelings in an appropriate and compassionate way when engaging in the WILL community space.


  • respect the WILL community space as a sacred space where we learn, explore and share with safety and trust. This includes respecting the time boundaries of the joint sessions and the requirement for active, live participation.


  • respect the confidentiality of our peers and colleagues.


  • presenting ourselves with dignity, professionalism and integrity when participating in the WILL field.

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