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WILL Vision

We believe in a world where women are deeply connected to themselves and one another and are able to be powerful and influential in all areas of life from a place of wisdom, self-knowledge and embodiment.

Personal & collective challenges

Collectively we’re facing an existential crisis about our future on the planet. The signs are everywhere and can feel overwhelming. As individuals we often don’t know how to respond to the situation. We oscillate between trying to do the right thing and complying with how things are. We experience this at a personal level in multiple ways. Our relationships, jobs, and life situations are increasingly under pressure. Some of us experience an inner emptiness while others are facing personal challenges more directly. 


As women we have long known that something was missing. We might not have been able to articulate what it was, but many of us have had an inner longing for something to change. The quality of our relationships, our sexuality, the connection to our body, our financial situation and the reality of our life circumstances. This inner knowing is essential as a response to our personal and collective challenges. It’s a message from our feminine core that we are not fully expressed. We have not been bringing the full value of our gifts and voices to the world. We have not been leading from within, but have lived in a response to a paradigm we inherited.


We believe it is paramount for feminine consciousness to emerge collectively. To manifest a real paradigm shift, each of us has a responsibility at an individual level to find our own unique expression, and when we do this in connection with one another we have the power to change our lives at a profound and collective level. In this way the quality of our experience will protect us from disempowerment and abuse and we will leave a legacy for our children and change the course of the future of our planet.

The bigger perspective

We believe that women have a much greater capacity to influence the values, actions and paradigm of our collective future than we are currently expressing. Within each of us there is an embodied knowing of our interconnectedness to Life itself, which makes us very capable as leaders in all areas of life; from the most personal, intimate and relational, to the ways we’re interacting externally, in society and through our jobs and the roles we take on.


As women we have the ability to be connected to our bodies, to each other, our children, partners, community, the land and our spiritual intuition. We have mainly abandoned this intuitive knowledge through the values of our western scientific, patriarchal paradigm that does not reflect back this essential part of our nature.


When connecting back with our own essence, as women we are centred in our feminine consciousness and we have the opportunity to heal millennia of women’s lack of influence, freedom and creation. This matters because our collective future requires this new level of innate sensing and the ability to direct it into action. 

The feminine field
of consciousness

Women’s Inner Leadership uses an evolutionary approach in that it works with the understanding that, within each of us, we have access to a greater collective field of consciousness. We can connect to our own inner feminine core, and in doing so we are also connecting to Life itself. 


If honed and allowed, it is there that we can access information, guidance and directions that are vital for leading in the world with integrity, care for the whole and supporting of life.


Our certified coaches actively use the collective field of consciousness when working with clients. We hold a field of transmission of the feminine that supports our client to access that within themselves. In this way we support each other to become free, embodied, self-aware and powerful. 

Our mission is to empower women to heal themselves
and contribute to the evolutionary shift in consciousness.

Our purpose

We offer a life-changing roadmap back to your Inner Leadership. The journey is for your own growth and can be a deeply transformative personal experience. Along the way you’ll gain substantial theoretical knowledge and practical tools to apply to your own life and relationships, enabling you to engage with and serve humanity more effectively, at an individual and a collective level.


On completion, if you wish to take this work further, you may choose to develop your professional identity as a therapeutic coach and become one of our psychologically trained, certified and accredited coaches.  

Our approach

Our perspective is looking at potential rather than restriction. We support the emergence of feminine consciousness and we build up the resources to hold us through the challenges we experience.

Our approach is experiential but strongly knowledge-based, supported by neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma therapy, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy, body intelligence, transpersonal psychology, leadership coaching, consciousness studies and perennial and indigenous wisdom traditions that have held the feminine through millennia. This is to give you a training that has therapeutic, psychological depth at the sametime as a very practical application. 


The foundation of Women’s Inner Leadership is to provide ways for women to directly experience our inner connectedness through body, mind and spirit and to be able to act in the world from this place. The WILL Model helps to empower you in matters of Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness, so that you can sit more firmly in your centre when choosing how to engage with the world. 

Our promise

The Women’s Inner Leadership approach offers you a deep personal and professional journey which empowers you to align with your innate feminine core and step into leadership in all areas of your life. 


If you choose to train as one of our certified coaches, you will be able to facilitate transformational processes with clients with high professional standards and integrity. You will receive solid psychological training that will enable you to work more deeply with therapeutic coaching processes.


All of our training programmes are aligned with the highest standards of the international Association for Coaching (AC). 

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