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Personal Journey

 A Woman's Journey: Finding your Truth

We believe in a world where women are deeply connected to themselves and one another and are able to be powerful and influential in all areas of life from a place of wisdom, self-knowledge and embodiment. 


The personal journey is the gateway: it takes you through a deeply transformative process within the five topics of Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness. We place ourselves at the evolutionary edge by working in a collective field of consciousness, knowing that what one woman solves for herself she solves on behalf of all of us.

The journey begins September 16th, 2023.

Group Modules

The course consists of 5 modules that focus on personal development across the areas of love, sex, money, power and consciousness.

Pre-Module Introduction (1) runs on Saturday September 16th 2023 from 10.00-12.00pm (GMT) 

Modules (5) are 3 days each and run Friday to Sunday 10.00-12.00pm & 1.30pm-3:30pm (GMT)

Right Relations 
An integrated part of this course are the regular Right Relations sessions at the end of each module, where we explore the interpersonal dynamics in the group.

1:1 sessions & Circle App

In order to support you best on your journey we recommend that you simultaneously take on individual coaching sessions with facilitators outside the course. This will allow you to go deeper into the five topics of the course; Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness and the specific issues that may arise for your personally. 

You will get access to our community app 'Circle' where you'll find all the material and recordings of the sessions and be able to communicate with each other.

"So much wisdom, healing and growing. Spirituality meets science - merging the wisdom of the body, mind and soul and transforming the past into a self-determined future. The most empowering journey I have been on." - Nadja

Want to know more?

The foundation of Women’s Inner Leadership is to provide ways for women to directly experience our inner connectedness through body, mind and spirit and to be able to act in the world from this place.

For more information, please check out the  WILL vision that speaks to the bigger perspective, the feminine field of consciousness, our promise, approach and purpose.

You can also learn more about the WILL model.

Or reach out to us if you have any specific questions.

This is for you, if you ...

  • feel a resonance with the evolutionary call to rise into your natural power in all aspects of life

  • want to be able to take action where needed, such as creating more balance in your work / private life


  • more clearly want to feel yourself, your truth and your direction in life, whilst we are living in this fast paced world


  • more strongly feel your needs, boundaries and capabilities throughout the cycles of your womanhood


  • want to practice being with whatever is present in the fulness and changeabilities within your life 

Pre-Module Introduction

16 September 2023

We lay out the evolutionary calling to Women’s Inner Leadership as a response to the changing paradigm and the way of the feminine consciousness. Welcome, orientation and connection.

Module 1: Love

22-24 September 2023

As we explore the evolutionary, psychospiritual potential of love, we look at the roots of our attachment patterns and how they potentially interfere with our innate knowing. We look at women’s social engagement systems and our habitual ways of searching for, responding to and protecting against Love and we learn to step into a new perspective. Loving from an embodied, boundaried and resourced place.

Module 2: Sex

20-22 October 2023

Looking at our relationship to sex, we explore the multiple emotional agendas we subconsciously attach to our sexual expression. How do we sexualise or desexualise ourselves? What are our fears and our adaptive responses? How is the state of our nervous system connected to our experience of either numbness, pain or pleasure? Learn to rewrite your sexual script so that it’s aligned with your inner truth.

Module 3: Money

17-19 November 2023

We work on deconstructing our subconscious conditioning around money, to replace it with an intentionally healthy, intelligent and sustainable relationship. We look at the self worth/net worth connection, our nervous system response and the way it impacts our choices. We can begin to move beyond the shadows of the global financial paradigm and into a responsible relationship of reciprocity and freedom. 

Module 4: Power

15-17 December 2023

Women’s power is about knowing at deep levels who we are, beyond the cultural and paradigmatic conditioning we’ve inherited. We need to be able to feel and embody the cyclical nature of our deep being. For each of us it requires a heroine’s journey at different stages of our life, as we move through Maiden, Mother and Crone, in a continuous life – death – life cycle. While embracing the gifts we also uncover the shadows.

Module 5: Consciousness

19-21 January 2024 

We reach the end of the personal journey by working with the feminine field of consciousness. As a foundation we present a map of consciousness that supports us to recognise and integrate our shadows in preparation for bringing our higher qualities to the world. We sharpen our intuition and develop a sense of embodied inner knowing. This solidifies our experience of Women’s Inner Leadership as a model for being and acting in the world.


After receiving your application we invite you for an interview. All levels of life and professional experience are welcome, but we will be ensuring that our participants have a basic level of self-awareness and inner and outer resources to benefit from this journey.

Group size is maximum 14 students

Pricing & Payment

Price:   £1,950



  • pre-module introduction meeting

  • 5 modules (total 15 days)

  • access to Circle

Deposit: £325 upon acceptance application


  • in full before September 1st, 2023   

  • in 5 monthly instalments of £325 due by the 1st of each month starting September, 2023

"In the feminine field of sensuality, strength, wisdom and compassion something emerges that I feel is crucial in today's world: honesty, purity and beauty. It gives me permission to have form, structure, discipline and focus without violating my own nature. Finally a deep desire really takes shape." - Giny
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