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Vanessa De Smet

Vanessa has a deep passion for life and all its potential. She has built her profession in service to those wanting to come home within themselves, reconnect with their unique path, and speak their authentic voice. She is known for guiding people through challenging topics with her warm and humor-filled, yet 'no bullshit' approach. 

Growing up amidst a range of adverse childhood experiences, she left home at 17 and went in search of her place in the world. She was a nomad for 20 years, living in Mongolia, China, and Spain and made a documentary on illegal deforestation in Cambodia. She had a near death experience that had her learn how to walk again during a road trip across Australia. The latter was a clear invitation for a new life. She slowed down, reconnected to her body and returned home to set roots in Belgium.

She went on to train in psychosomatics therapy, holistic pelvic health, arvigo therapy and wheel of consent. In addition to her private practice, giving lectures, workshops and online courses, she co-founded an organisation that brings these embodiment elements into the healthcare industry. 

Since becoming a mother in 2020, her focus has increasingly been on empowering new mothers to make informed and embodied choices regarding birth and postpartum care. She set up an educational postpartum platform and started writing her first book on embodied mothering. Next to her projects she enjoys the daily wondrous simplicities with her beloved and their toddler Elvis.

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