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Sara Bhavani

Bhavani is grounded, passionate, playful. As a child she could usually be found dancing or out somewhere in nature, often both at the same time. 


Her early adult life was characterised by European travel, hedonistic parties and chaotic living. It wasn't until she returned to the UK in her early twenties that she realised she’d been running from trauma in her childhood and her healing journey truly began.


Bhavani has followed many paths, having a career in finance whilst exploring her deeper self through learning and teaching practices such as; macrobiotic cooking and philosophy, Osho active meditation techniques, bioenergetics, rebirthing, women’s circles, tantra, relationship anarchy and Zen Accounting. 


In private practice since 2018, her work is primarily focussed on helping clients resolve sex and intimacy issues, through psychosexual somatics and relationship therapy. Her work includes aspects of; Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM), Psychosynthesis, Psychodynamic Counselling and Gestalt. She is also a vaginal steam consultant and is researching the healing benefits in relation to vaginal pain conditions. She holds a Diploma in Integrative Supervision for Individuals and Groups and enjoys supporting the professional development of others in the field. 


Bhavani has been married and divorced and raised her two sons into their early adulthood primarily as a single parent. Her extended family now includes her partner and his four sons. Being surrounded by so much masculine energy, and as she approaches menopause and her juicy crone years, she greatly values the time spent sitting in circle with other women, giving and receiving feminine wisdom.

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