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Louise Mazanti

Louise’s work is based on her experience as a woman responding to an inner calling that has led her to face the depths of her own being. She has gone through a process of surrender and letting go several times, when her soul was guiding her in new directions.


Her work reflects this journey and holds the depth of psychology and spirituality that invites all levels of human experience, held together by the structured framework of her academic background.


She has a PhD degree and was a professor in art and craft theory. After a spiritual awakening she retrained to become a psychosynthesis counsellor (Pg. Dip) and has added a diploma in 5DL leadership and organisational coaching. She has studied esoteric philosophy, breathwork techniques, consciousness studies, and she's currently training as a transpersonal and integrative supervisor.


The women’s coaching program is a continuation of having co-developed and trained professional coaches for a number of years. She runs a private coaching and therapy practice in London and has run workshops internationally, amongst others at the Esalen Institute in California.


She leads an online group exploring the healing potential of group consciousness and a monthly free, public group mediation at the New Moon.


She works with factual entertainment and public service TV and is a consultant in the development of an intimacy and sexual wellness app.


She is the mother of two young men and is expressing her love with them, with her friends and through her work. She loves stillness, reading, writing and all-year nature swimming and her interests are avid in exploring new ways of expressing and facilitating feminine consciousness.

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