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"Changing the Paradigm"

a FREE live zoom 5-series conversation on
love, sex, money, power & consciousness

The current paradigm is changing. There’s a calling for new values that have long been held by the feminine. What is required of us to be able to step up fully as women in society through this change? How can we become capable leaders  in all areas of life; from the most personal, intimate and relational to the ways we are interacting externally, in society and through our jobs and the roles we take on? 

Join us to begin building a new paradigm!

November 19 
December 3 
December 17 
January 7 
January 21 


You are invited to send your questions in advance.

Meetings are live on Zoom for about 75min at 7:30pm GMT

If you can't join us for the live calls, we'll send you a recording.

Once you register, you are automatically invited to the next conversations and  receive the recordings of the ones you may have missed out on.

With love, Louise, Bhavani & Vanessa
Women's Inner Leadership

with Louise Mazanti, Sara Bhavani & Vanessa De Smet

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