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Women's Inner Leadership

Finding your truth in Love, Sex, Money, Power & Consciousness

Professional Coaching Training

Join our two-year, accredited programme to become a professional WILL Coach.

Professional Community & CPD

Join our circle of certified practitioners to learn, grow and develop your practice.

One women's growth at a time ...

We believe that women have a much greater capacity to influence the values, actions and paradigm of our collective future than we are currently expressing. Within each of us there is an embodied knowing, which makes us very capable as leaders in all areas of life. When connecting back with our own essence, we heal millennia of women’s lack of influence, freedom and creation. This matters because our collective future requires this new level of consciousness.

We offer personal development, coaching training and professional community, for you to join likeminded women in a way that meets you where you are. 

No matter which route you take, our approach is experiential but also strongly knowledgebased. Our work is supported by neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma therapy, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy, body intelligence, transpersonal psychology, leadership coaching, consciousness studies and perennial and indigenous wisdom traditions.

We believe in a world where women are deeply connected to themselves and one another and are able to be powerful and influential in all areas of life from a place of wisdom, self-knowledge and embodiment.

Finding your truth in Love, Sex, Money, Power, Consciousness

Many of us have had an inner longing for something to change, an intuitive knowing that there must be more available to us. The quality of our relationships, our sexuality, our financial situation, our ability to act on our felt sense and the depth of our awareness, all directly influence the overall quality of our lives. When we explore the five pillars of Love, Sex, Money, Power and Consciousness, we can change the paradigm we set for ourselves. By doing this in community, we can also change the paradigm for the wider collective.






What is WILL?

The foundation of Women’s Inner Leadership is to provide ways for women to directly experience our inner connectedness through body, mind and spirit and to be able to act in the world from this place.

We do this by offering a thorough self-development programme, followed by an accredited coaching training for those who wish to build a professional coaching practice. For certified practitioners of various modalities our community offers continued growth and professional support.

Read more about our vision, the feminine field of consciousness, the bigger perspective and our promise here (link to revised general info PDF)

WILL is for you, if you ...

  • feel a resonance with the evolutionary call to rise into your natural power in all aspects of life


  • want to engage in a deeply transformative journey of self-development


  • want to train as an accredited coach and be aligned with the highest international standards of professional coaching


  • are already a coach, therapist or practitioner who wants to work more consciously with your identity as a woman and be able to support clients from this place


  • are looking to be able to hold a truthful and centred feminine mirror for all genders

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